CHALLENGE puts theory into action by tailoring it to this land's uniquely complex needs.
INSPIRE a new paradigm where all sectors of society CONNECT for constructive partnerships and maximum IMPACT.


Challenge envisions a shared society embracing the full diversity of identities and opportunities in the entire land which Israelis and Palestinians call home.


Challenge is building a joint future at three levels: positive relationships for mutual growth and empowerment on the ground, conflict transformation skills, and creative solutions.

Shared Society

Shared Society is a new paradigm to improve the relations between all members of society, especially in the heterogeneous, multi-cultural societies of the 21st Century. It is one in which all individuals and identity-groups are treated as equals with regards to their cultural, social, political, and economic rights. In a Shared Society, each member enjoys a sense of belonging, stability, and security. Therefore, each contributes to building a general good that is richer than the sum of its parts, and each regards other groups’ contribution as a gift instead of as a threat.

Creative Solutions

Conflicts are an inherent part of our lives. They come in different shapes and levels of intensity. Sometimes they are quite simple, while other times they become extremely complex. Following the Conflict Transformation approach, we understand that, despite the difficulty, we should not rush into quick compromises. Instead, it is very important to analyze the underlying sources that created and sustain the conflict. Without addressing them, any “solution” will be short-lived and most probably unsustainable.


What is Conflict Transformation

"Conflict transformation is to envision and respond to the ebb and flow of social conflict as life-giving opportunities for creating constructive change processes that reduce violence, increase justice in direct interaction and social structures, and respond to real-life problems in human relationships.”

- John Paul Lederach, The Little Book of Conflict Transformation, 2003

All conflicts can be transformed
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