CHALLENGE puts theory into action by tailoring it to this land's uniquely complex needs.
INSPIRE a new paradigm where all sectors of society CONNECT for constructive partnerships and maximum IMPACT.


Challenge envisions a shared society embracing the full diversity of identities and opportunities in the entire land which Israelis and Palestinians call home.


Challenge is building a joint future at three levels: positive relationships for mutual growth and empowerment on the ground, conflict transformation skills, and creative solutions.

Shared Society

A Shared Society is one in which all individuals and identity-groups are treated as equals with regard to their cultural, social, political, and economic rights. In a Shared Society, each member enjoys a sense of belonging, stability, and security. The relations between all members of a Shared Society become conducive to building a general good that it greater than the sum of its parts. As a result, each group regards the contributions of others as a gift instead of a threat.

Creative Solutions


Conflicts are an inherent part of our lives. They come in different shapes and sizes – some are simple, and others more complex. The conflict transformation approach teaches us not to rush into quick compromises. We should first understand the root causes of a conflict. If we don’t address these root causes, any “solution” will be short-lived and most probably unsustainable.


A deep and sustained improvement in social relations, with mutual trust and solidarity, demands a comprehensive process of reconciliation. We lead facilitated meetings for reflective listening, and teach practical techniques for implementing the conflict transformation tool-kit. 

What is Conflict Transformation

"Conflict transformation must actively envision, include, respect, and promote the human and cultural resources from within a given setting. This involves a new set of lenses through which we do not primarily 'see' the setting and the people in it as the 'problem' and the outsider as the 'answer'. Rather, we understand the long-term goal of transformation as validating and building on people and resources within the setting.”

- John Paul Lederach, 1995

All conflicts can be transformed
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