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Conflicts are an inherent part of our lives. They come in different shapes and levels of intensity. Sometimes they are quite simple, while other times they become extremely complex. Following the Conflict Transformation approach, we understand that, despite the difficulty, we should not rush into quick compromises. Instead, it is very important to analyze the underlying sources that created and sustain the conflict. Without addressing them, any “solution” will be short-lived and most probably unsustainable.

We promote analytical efforts to review assumptions, identify structural aspects of the context and understand the behavior of the parties to a conflict. The insights gathered are needed in order to design practical steps, promote transformative alternatives to the conflict dynamics, and reduce the occurrence of structural violence.


The Federal Forum

A network of Israeli and Palestinian activists brainstorm on whether Federalism as a system of government and of social organization can provide a sustainable model for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a one-state that is both truly democratic and at the same time allows the fulfillment of the right of self-determination of both nations.

Homeland Earth Campaign

An international appeal by the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR). The campaign wants to contribute to strengthening a planetary consciousness and stands in solidarity with and seeks to ally itself with countless other initiatives around the world that are working towards similar goals.

Past Projects

National Mutual Recognition in a Common Homeland

An innovative approach, developed in 2010, anchored in conflict transformation principles and aiming to present a potential sustainable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Can Creative Thinking Solve the Conflict?

A Roundtable in Honor of Prof. Herbert Kelman’s 80th Birthday

Prof. Herbert Kelman, one of the pioneers in promoting direct dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians visited Jerusalem in 2012. In cooperation with the Herbert C. Kelman Institute for Interactive Conflict Transformation we held a round table to celebrate his 80th birthday and discuss the advantages of creative thinking.

Lectures by members of Challenge’s team, its International Advisory Board and guests

Among the years we held lectures on conflict issues by members of Challenge’s team as well as by a variety of special guests, such as Prof. Ian Spears (Canada) in 2017; Steven Klein (Israel) in 2018; and others.

The Center for Federal Studies and Initiatives

This center attempted to raise awareness to Federal settings as an alternative to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The project was held in cooperation with the Federation Movement, The Home and the Uri Zvi Center.

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