Shared Society

Shared Society is a new paradigm to improve the relations between all members of society, especially in the heterogeneous, multi-cultural societies of the 21st Century. It is one in which all individuals and identity-groups are treated as equals with regards to their cultural, social, political, and economic rights. In a Shared Society, each member enjoys a sense of belonging, stability, and security. Therefore, each contributes to building a general good that is richer than the sum of its parts, and each regards other groups’ contribution as a gift instead of as a threat.

Our programs in the Shared Society field aim to reduce the levels of mutual mistrust by addressing attitudes and assumptions through encounter processes between participants from different backgrounds and create tangible, need-related, added-value results.

By providing opportunities and guidance for members from all different identity subgroups to meet, learn about each other's needs, reduce stereotypes and fear, and build more solid and harmonious relations – we aim to reduce the levels of cultural violence and promote a rich harmony out of the cacophony that exists today.


Path Of Hope and Peace

POHAP is a grassroots organization of Palestinians and Israelis — dedicated to building coexistence through interdependent economy while fostering personal interaction and friendship between people and communities, mostly working in the Zur Hadassah-Hussan area (South-West of Jerusalem).

Our Abu Tor

Our Abu Tor’s goal is to enhance and buttress the community’s synergy by harnessing the residents’ commitment and skills, as it transforms from a precarious mixed neighborhood into a socially cohesive shared neighborhood.

Understanding Shared Society

An action-research program aimed at better understanding the potential and characteristics of promoting a shared society in Israel, including practical recommendations at both grassroot and policy levels. Conducted in cooperation with the Center for Advancement of Peace Initiatives.

The Cooperative Society Forum

We are one of the founding members of the “Cooperative Society Forum” which intends to unite all bodies in Israeli society that promote a common society and reduce the polarization between the different sectors in Israel - religious, secular, ultra-Orthodox, Arabs, settlers, liberal currents, Ethiopians and any other community or stream in society.

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