Who We Are

Challenge is an Israeli NGO, formed in 2010, to promote Conflict Transformation within both the Israeli and Palestinian arenas. Conflict Transformation is an innovative approach that helps to identify the different layers in the dynamic of a conflict and provides practical tools to reduce the suffering through empathy, creativity, and non-violence.

Challenge's Goals Are

  • To promote a more egalitarian and tolerant reality.
  • To reduce the levels of violence by enhancing capabilities of individuals to deal with conflicts.
  • To raise awareness to the developments in the field of conflict transformation.

Theory of Change

Conflict can be a source of growth and development. The problem arises when one or more parties to the conflict choose to use violence to achieve their goals. Violence is a multi-faceted phenomenon that occurs whenever an individual or group feel they are deliberately prevented from fulfilling their Basic Human Needs. To reduce the occurrence of violence we are required to understand the factors and dynamics that produce this sense of Basic Human Needs being blocked. Only then it will be possible to design specific solutions adapted to each situation.




All conflicts can be transformed!
Let's rise to the challenge together.

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